It’s Finally Here!

My wife got her shipment of Shadows of Brimstone this week, so I got to do my first unboxing.  (My son, my father, and I still are waiting on ours, with three of the four being shipped to the same address, so I’m not sure how it was decided what to ship and what not to.)

So, some quick impressions.

There is A LOT!!! in each box.  Counters.  Tiles.  Miniatures.   You get a ton of pieces in each box.  The second thing right after that was that the miniatures come in a lot of pieces.  I was expecting assembly, and even talked to someone Flying Frog about it at GenCon at the assembly demo table.  However, it hit home that even the character miniatures came in four pieces each (main body, arm, head, and hat).  This means a lot of assembly.  I’ve got experience with this, but I will say the game didn’t hit the table at all this week because I’m still assembling.  Everything looks great however.  The detail on the miniatures really came through and the art and production quality is fantastic throughout the game.

Lastly I want to make mention of a couple things on a Fort Thomsonpersonal note.  I actually had two vanity pledges for the game.  Fort Thomson is south of Brimstone.  My five year old was very excited to see the fort “named after him” in the game world.  It’s definitely the first location I’ll be writing home brew adventures around.  I already knew it was a fallen fort since I took a peak at the map at GenCon, so I already have a campaign outline sketched out to make use of the fort and the surrounding locations.

The other item I’m looking forward to making use of is Colonel Robert Beauregard, the local leader of the US Cavalry, and a civil war veteran, who is doing their best to keep fight a war against the creatures being released into this world.  The artwork is based on my father, who was a lifetime military man as well, so I was very happy that  the guysBeauregard at Flying Frog used the military side of things when designing the character.  A bit of irony with the name that they chose is that my uncle actually owns General Beauregard’s summer house in New Orleans.  They didn’t know that in advance, so I got a good laugh at that at GenCon when I read the background in the Swamps of Jargano book.  Although the facial hair was added to give that civil war era flair, I recognized my father in the picture immediately.  It’s a great rendering.



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