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It’s Finally Here!

My wife got her shipment of Shadows of Brimstone this week, so I got to do my first unboxing.  (My son, my father, and I still are waiting on ours, with three of the four being shipped to the same address, so I’m not sure how it was decided what to ship and what not to.) So, some quick impressions. There is A LOT!!! in each box.  Counters.  Tiles.  Miniatures.   You get a ton of pieces in each box.  The […]

Shadows of Brimstone looks to be well underway with new art and sculpt releases being revealed.  Flying Frog Productions has also been busy demoing at conventions, so the game is getting some playtesting. We haven’t heard anything to make us believe things won’t start shipping around the time of GenCon.

Brimstone Cowboy

Sorry for the mess here.  The forums are up and running at  The rest of the site will be catching up soon.  Please join the growing community in the forums supporting this game.